Tertiary Services

The tertiary market is becoming the most active market in the life settlement industry.  As investors look to sell portfolios, opportunities are created for new investors to make a splash in the life settlement marketplace.  The tertiary market, however, can be daunting.   Life Equity can help you answer the vital questions in a tertiary transaction:

  • What is the proper value of a portfolio given its origination characteristics?
  • Were long-ago purchased policies bought in accordance with applicable laws and regulations?
  • What are the effects of missing records in a tertiary portfolio?
  • Might a tertiary portfolio contain hidden opportunities to increase investor return?

Whether you are looking to buy or sell policies, Life Equity can assist you as you navigate this attractive marketplace.  Our tertiary due diligence review process coupled with our portfolio pricing strategies will add confidence and value to your investment decisions in the tertiary market.