Policy Services

We manage policies to maximize returns for our clients.  Beyond basic premium optimization, we review every policy characteristic and policy change to assess the possibility for cash withdrawals, policy loans or changes in premium payments based on investment strategy.   Life Equity’s recommendations have saved our clients millions of dollars over the lives of their portfolios.

Our expert policy analysts are available to assist  you  with any questions or requests.  We provide fast, accurate support to our clients in areas such as:

  • Handling premium payments and confirmations
  • Managing carrier correspondence
  • Monitoring policy changes and providing corresponding advice

When it is time to collect a death benefit, Life Equity  provides clients with a dedicated team of employees  under the oversight of our legal department to insure claims are paid properly and timely.  We pride ourselves on “same day service” throughout the claim process and will diligently follow up on your claim until it is paid in full.