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Life Equity works with investors to discover the potential in life settlements. We capitalize on our industry knowledge to obtain inventory and maximize the value of life settlement portfolios.

Everything is different now.

Life Equity unlocks a wealth of opportunities for policyowners and their financial advisors through life settlements. Founded in 2000, we are one of the most experienced life settlement providers in the market today.

Professional Advisors

A life settlement may help your clients meet their immediate financial needs and give you an opportunity to grow your business.

Institutional Investors

Life Equity teams with its investors to acquire and service policies in a smooth, efficient and transparent process.

Client Portal

Life Equity’s proprietary client portal provides a real-time view into portfolio management and policy servicing.

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Life Settlement Success Stories

Life Equity paid the policyowner $152,000 for a policy with no cash value.

Insured: 83 Year Old Female
Policy Type: Convertible Term
Face Amount: $500,000
Cash Surrender Value: $0

The policyowner was unable to continue paying $20,000 in yearly premiums. Her advisor contacted Life Equity to explore a life settlement. Life Equity paid her $152,000, which helped her reach the financial stability she needed.

Life Equity paid the policyowner $1,580,000 – over eight times the cash surrender value.

Insured: 87 Year Old Male
Policy Type: Survivorship Universal Life
Face Amount: $5,000,000
Cash Surrender Value: $183,000

After the policyowner’s wife passed, he no longer needed the coverage. The premiums were $487,000 annually and he was considering surrendering. His advisor called Life Equity and he sold his policy for $1,580,000. He used the proceeds to supplement his retirement and gift a portion to his favorite charities.

Life Equity paid the policyowner $100,000 and she retained $125,000 in death benefit.

Insured: 72 Year Old Male
Policy Type: Whole Life
Face Amount: $1,100,000
Cash Surrender Value: $0

A retired policyowner wanted to keep some coverage for his wife, but he could no longer afford the premiums. His financial advisor approached Life Equity who provided the policyowner with $100,000 in cash and a $125,000 death benefit with no future premium obligations.